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About Us

The tree on our logo reminds some people of a Monterey Cypress. Located in Palo Alto California, Congregation Etz Chayim is a vibrant Jewish community, participatory and egalitarian, independent and inclusive, which melds elements from Judaism’s different branches to create our own practices. Together with our spiritual leader, Rabbi Chaim Koritzinsky, our congregants are exploring what it means for each of us to identify as a Jew (or a part of a Jewish family). [+ More]

May 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
2914 Iyyar 5778
3015 Iyyar 5778
116 Iyyar 5778
217 Iyyar 5778
318 Iyyar 5778
419 Iyyar 5778 Sunset:8:01 pm
520 Iyyar 5778
Lehrhaus Judaica: Walking in... 7:30pm
Wednesday Shorashim 4:00pm
Hineini 6:30pm
Women's Joy Circle (Back... 7:00pm
Rosh Chodesh Meeting (Rm 12) Sheri Morrison and Carol Hallyn 2:15pm
Friday Night Lights: The Omer 5:45pm
Shabbat Service 7:30pm
Torah Study 9:00am
Shabbat Service 10:00am
Etz Drumming Circle (Beyt... 1:00pm
621 Iyyar 5778
722 Iyyar 5778
823 Iyyar 5778
924 Iyyar 5778
1025 Iyyar 5778
1126 Iyyar 5778 Sunset:8:07 pm
1227 Iyyar 5778
Shorashim 9:30am
Z'raim 9:30am
Midor 9:30am
Mah Jongg (Beyt Knesset) 10:30am
Program Team Meeting 10:30am
Staff Meeting 12:00pm
Hineini 6:30pm
Yiddish Choristers (Library) 7:30pm
Shabbat Service 7:30pm
Torah Study 9:00am
Shabbat Service 10:00am
Extra Fun Family-Friendly... 10:00am
1328 Iyyar 5778Yom Yerushalayim
1429 Iyyar 5778
151 Sivan 5778
Rosh Chodesh
162 Sivan 5778
173 Sivan 5778
184 Sivan 5778 Sunset:8:13 pm
195 Sivan 5778
Program Team Meeting 10:30am
Staff Meeting 12:00pm
Hineini 6:30pm
Yiddish Choristers (Library) 7:30pm
Shiva Minyan: Waksberg (... 7:30pm
Finding Your Leader Voice 7:30pm
Presidents Meeting 8:30am
Lay-led Shabbat Service:... 7:30pm
Torah Study 9:00am
Shabbat Service 10:00am
Tikkun Leil Shavuot 8:00pm
206 Sivan 5778Shavuot
217 Sivan 5778
228 Sivan 5778
239 Sivan 5778
2410 Sivan 5778
2511 Sivan 5778 Sunset:8:18 pm
2612 Sivan 5778
Tikkun Leil Shavuot 12:10am
Lehrhaus Judaica: Walking in... 7:00pm
Bar.t Mitzvah Rehearsal:... 3:30pm
Finding Your Leader Voice 7:30pm
Yiddish Choristers (Library) 7:30pm
Staff Meeting 12:00pm
Program Team Meeting 1:30pm
Executive Committee Meeting (... 7:30pm
Shabbat Service 7:30pm
Lay-led Torah Study: Gail... 9:00am
Lay-led Shabbat Service:... 10:00am
Afternoon Torah Study (... 1:00pm
2713 Sivan 5778
2814 Sivan 5778
2915 Sivan 5778
3016 Sivan 5778
3117 Sivan 5778
118 Sivan 5778 Sunset:8:23 pm
219 Sivan 5778
OFFICE CLOSED - Memorial Day 9:00am
Finance Committee Meeting (Rm... 7:45am
Honoring Abra 6:00pm
Finding Your Leader Voice 7:30pm
5th Friday Rehearsal (Rm 11) 7:00pm
Lehrhaus Judaica: Walking in... 7:30pm

Everyone is Welcome!

We are Jews who were raised Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, or Secular. We are Jews who have or have not been Bar/Bat Mitzvah. We are Jews by choice or part of an interfaith family. Our common thread is that we are all interested in furthering our spiritual life, singing, Jewish education and community participation.  We invite you to come to a service or one of our activities.

קהילת "עץ חיים" הינה מקום מיוחד במינו. בית חם, פתוח ומקבל אשר אינו משתייך לזרם דתי כלשהו ומורכב מחילונים, מסורתיים, רפורמים וקונסרבטיבים, משפחות יהודיות ומעורבות, ישראלים ומקומיים המנהלים ביחד חיי קהילה יהודית עשירים.

Learn More

If you seek a spiritual experience within a diverse Jewish community that emphasizes worship, singing, learning, service and community, Etz Chayim may be a good fit for you. If you want to talk to someone, simply stop by or phone or office at 650-813-9094. [+More]



Shabbat evening services are held every Friday at 7:30 p.m. and last about an hour. Shabbat morning services are held every Saturday at 10 a.m., and with Torah reading, last about two hours. Everyone is welcome to attend either service, including services that celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

At Congregation Etz Chayim, we view adult learning as a stepping stone to deeper knowledge and understanding of the rich Jewish tradition. We offer diverse intellectual, creative and spiritual programming to strengthen connections among congregants and help us integrate Judaism into our lives.

Are you a teenager looking for ways to broaden your involvement with Jewish life in the Bay Area or to make new friends or lend a hand in your community?  Are you a parent thinking about the next steps of Jewish engagement for your teenager? There are many opportunities for teens, and we can help you identify the right one for you.

We offer learning opportunities for families with children as young as two years old through high school. Building community is a cornerstone of our philosophy and mission, and our youth learning programs reflect that value.

We are exceptionally proud of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah program and how students and families experience the process of preparing for and celebrating this important life event. Our program is rigorous, meaningful and individualized, and serves to build community and connections among the students and families.  

What inspires you to get up in the morning? What keeps you up at night? Could you answer these questions about the person you live with? Work with? Pray with? When we ask what we as a congregation wish to do in the area of Tikkun Olam, a first step is to have one-on-one conversations to strengthen relationships with one another.

Etz social groups are member driven. We currently have groups who hike together, read together, sing together, and knit together, among many other activities. Have another interest? Members are always free to start their own groups.

NextGen is a group of young adults (20s and 30s) who get together for fun social events to develop friendships and strengthen our “Next Generation” community! Examples of events include lunch, meditation sessions, holiday parties, potlucks, game nights, and anything else one of us dreams up. The group tries to meet at least once a month.

Welcome to Congregation Etz Chayim

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