Build the Sukkah -- Sunday, 10/1 10:00 am
Everyone is welcome. Tools, directions and cold drinks provided.

Sukkot Dinner and Service –Wednesday, 10/4  6:30 pm
Usher in Sukkot together.  Make time to shake the lulav and etrog. Pizza dinner at 6:30, followed by a festive service in the Sukkah at 7:15. This event is free and open to all.

Men’s Night: Scotch in the Sukkah – Thursday, 10/5  7:30 pm
Join Etz men as we drink and talk about life and peace. Rabbi Chaim will lead the discussion. Bring liquid and solid refreshment for our traditional potluck "nosh".

Friday Night Lights in the Sukkah-Friday, 10/6  5:45-7:15
Children 6 and younger and their families enjoy sukkot activities and Shabbat songs.  Kids participate in supervised programming while parents chat in the sukkah over a glass of wine.

Kabbalat Shabbat in the Sukkah-Friday, 10/6  7:30 pm
Welcome Shabbat in our sukkah with a service exploring themes of peace followed by a special dessert oneg. All are welcome.

Torah Study in the Sukkah- Saturday, 10/7 9:00 am
Join Rabbi Chaim in a conversation about texts on pursuing peace while sitting in the hut representing our ancient wanderings. Followed by a Shabbat service (including hallel) and an Oneg. All are welcome.

Muslim-Jewish Havdalah Potluck in the Sukkah, Saturday, 10/7 6:00 pm
Members of Etz join together with members of MVPA Musalla and the Pacific Institute to share our harvest festival traditions and get to know each other better.  By pre-registration only.

Picnic Lunch in the Sukkah-Sunday, 10/8 at noon
Join Rabbi Chaim, Abra Greenspan and our religious school faculty for a bring-your-own-lunch picnic. Experience shaking the Lulav and Etrog if you want. The playground will be open, as well. All are welcome.

Chanting in the Sukkah Potluck-Monday, 10/9  6:30 pm
Rabbi Jen Clayman and Lynn Levine lead Jewish chanting at 7:30 after a potluck dinner. All are welcome.

Ladies’ Night in the Sukkah Potluck—Tuesday, 10/10 6:30 pm
Elana Feinsmith and Rabbi Serena Eisenberg will lead us in  a program about the holiday of Sukkot, which most of us know as the feast of booths, but is also about the season of our joy! We will explore Jewish ideas of joy through text study, stories, and connections with one another. Please bring:

  • A dish to share: this should be ready to serve and vegetarian or fish (no meat or shellfish)
  • Yourself and a friend (this does not have to be an Etz Chayim member)
  • A can or box of food for our Second Harvest Food Barrel.

All women are welcome, but please RSVP so we know how many to plan for. Questions? Contact Elana Feinsmith or Rabbi Serena Eisenberg.

Simchat Torah: Light Dinner/Celebration/Services—Wednesday, 10/11, 6:00-8:00 pm
Stay after religious school or come straight from work. You’ll get fed and be ready for the celebration of the scroll!  This year, we are rededicating our Heritage Torah which has been restored.  We are going to open it from Genesis to Deuteronomy all around the room.  There will be singing. And there will be dancing.  Stay until the end or stay until it’s someone’s bedtime. This event is free and open to all.

Take Down the Sukkah—Sunday 10/15 9:45 am
Almost as much fun as putting it up!  All hands welcome to take down the sukkah and put it away for another year.