Board & Committees

Our Board of Directors includes dynamic, high-energy volunteers who meet every month as a group. Congregation members are always invited to attend these monthly board meetings, which are announced in our weekly eBulletin and posted on our website. In addition, our directors are involved as liaisons to the committees and as members of ad hoc groups working on special projects on behalf of Etz Chayim.

The board supervises the Executive Director and the Rabbi and sets financial and operational policies. Elections are held in conjunction with the annual board meeting, typically in June. You can nominate yourself or someone else for the board.  
Board members for 2018
Evan Goer – President
Mitch Slomiak – Past President 
Elisabeth Rubinfien – Executive Vice President
Scott Thurm – Treasurer
Laurie Biros – Secretary
Andi Barnett
Becky Epstein
Marga Freeman
David Helfinstein
Steve Kornfeld
Avi Lenchner
Lisa Ratner
David Rosen
Alex Sadovsky
Eric Savitz
Steve Solomon
Marjorie Wechsler
Jeff Weitzman


Board Documents

A copy of our bylaws and the archive of our board meeting minutes are available in a box on the right hand side of this page, but you must be logged in to see them.


Committees are created and directed by the board. If you're interested in joining, we'd love to have your help.

The Adult Learning Committee supports our core value of lifelong learning. Working together closely with our rabbi and Director of Learning, they create events and classes. Contact Aaron Schuman or Abra Greenspan for additional information.

The Design Committee recommends improvements to the physical space where we worship, learn and socialize.  They focus on both the inside and outside of our building. Contact James Baloun for additional information.

The Emergency Committee works to make our facility and our community ready to respond to a natural or manmade disaster. Contact Joan Starreveld for additional information.

The Etz Parents Association - Contact Mitchell Mutz for additional information.

The Facilities Committee makes sure everything runs smoothly in our physical plant.  They don’t meet often but rather they talk while they work on fixing and improving our community’s home. This is a great group for people who don’t like meetings, but are good with their hands. Contact James Baloun or Jon Rattner for additional information.

The Festivals Committee organizes community holiday celebrations including Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah, Tu BiShvat, Purim, and Passover. There is room for both large and small contributions of time. Contact Rabbi Koritzinsky for additional information.

The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer and Director of Finance and Operations to maintain the financial health of the congregation. They also recommend financial policies to the Board. Contact Scott Thurm for additional information.

The Fundraising Committee creates events and campaigns which build community and raise revenue to support the operational budget and keep dues affordable. Contact Greg Matza or Steve Solomon for additional information.

The High Holy Days Committee works with the Executive Director on all aspects of our fall observances including worship, logistics, children’s programming, publicity and hospitality. Contact Karen Bergen, Alan Kushnir,  or Carole Kushnir for additional information.

The Library Committee maintains our library by sorting donations, re-shelving books and improving the organization and aesthetics of our congregational library. Contact Tatiana Granoff for additional information.

The Personnel Committee develops & recommends to the board policies and procedures as they relate to our staff. Contact Jon Baer for additional information.

The Religious Practices Committee makes recommendations on religious policies and practices for our congregation.  The rabbi is an advisor to and a member of the committee, but does not make religious practice decisions unilaterally. Contact Eric Savitz for additional information.

Teen Engagement Committee. Contact Laurie Biros for additional information.

The Welcoming Team works with the Executive Director to identify, welcome and integrate new members and to increase personal relationships among existing members in order to promote lifelong loyalty to our synagogue and reduce attrition. Contact Leslie Matlof for additional information.