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Remember Your Loved Ones with a Leaf on Etz Chayim's Memorial Trees


Our Memorial Grove provides an opportunity to have a physical, permanent reminder of loved ones who have passed away.  Three wooden memorial trees with 200 metal leaves create a corner for contemplation in our Beyt Knesset.

Each leaf includes the deceased's name in English, date of death on the Western calendar, date of death on the Hebrew calendar, and Hebrew or Covenantal name (if desired).  We can help you with Hebrew dates and names.

Leaves are ordered in batches, so please plan several months ahead if you are hoping to have a leaf up on the tree by a certain date.  Leaves of family members can be mounted near each other upon request.


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Memorial Leaf
Please enter your loved one's name as you'd like it to appear on the leaf.
Please enter your loved one's relationship to you.
Enter your loved one's Hebrew or Yiddish name or covenantal name.
If you are choosing to use the covenantal name, please tell us which tribes your loved one's parents descended from (if you know).
Please enter your loved one's date of death.
Please enter your loved one's Hebrew date of death if you know it (don't worry about spelling). If you don't know the Hebrew date we will calculate it for you, but we will need the time of death in order to do so (below). If you do not know your loved one's date of death, we suggest using a symbolic Yahrzeit, such as Yom Kippur (Tishrey 10), or for a Holocaust victim, Yom haSho'ah (Nissan 27).
Please provide us with your loved one's time of death, if known
Should this leaf be place next to another existing or concurrently ordered leaf?
If so, please provide the name of your other loved one and his or her relationship to this loved one.
Please tell us anything else you think we need to know about this order.

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