Dedicate a Siddur

Seven Great Reasons to Dedicate a Siddur

  • To commemorate a Bar/t Mitzvah
  • To show appreciation to someone special
  • To honor a Bar/t class
  • To thank your child's teachers
  • To remember a loved one
  • To honor someone for the holidays or a birthday
  • Just because you feel like it

When you dedicate a siddur, a personalized bookplate will be placed in a Shabbat Evening or Weekday siddur, and the honoree will receive a certificate as a keepsake.  This is a tax-deductible contribution to Congregation Etz Chayim.

Total Amount
Siddur Sponsorship
Donor's name as it is to appear on bookplate.
Please tell us who and/or what occasion is being remembered, including relationship and date if applicable (example: Honoree becoming a Bar Mitzvah on June 13, 2009).
If a certificate should be sent to Honoree or Family of the Deceased, please provide us with their name, address & phone number. If the recipient is a member of the Congregation, we can look this information up for you.
Please tell us anything else we need to know about your contribution.

We very much appreciate your contribution to Etz.  If you are a member, our preferred payment method is to bill you. Our second favorite payment method is PayPal. Please make sure to fill out the Billing Name and Address fields below the credit card information before clicking the orange PayPal button. We happily accept credit cards, as well, but the transaction fees can get rather expensive for us.

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