Etz's First Ruach Dance (Beyt Knesset)

Etz’s 1st “Ruach Dance” – Experience Insight and Joy through Simple Movements/Embodied Prayer to Inspiring Music

Saturday, Feb. 3 (7 pm – 10pm, including Havdallah)

Join us in trying out a new way of engaging in prayer and experiencing community -- through free-form movement, guided meditation/ecstatic dance (the kind you’d do when no one is watching).  Have fun and find something greater than yourself through movement to beautiful music, with kavannah (intention) that draws on Jewish texts and ideas.  We’ll start with some simple stretching (bring a yoga mat if you have one) and learn some basic principles of easy flowing movements you can try out during the dance.  After we say goodbye to Shabbat through a short, beautiful Havdalah circle, we’ll create a safe, non-judgmental/non-performance open-floor environment at Etz Chayim – free of conversations – to experience meditative guided movement, set to inspiring recorded music. Afterward we’ll enjoy conversation over snacks and treats.  What a wonderful way to start new week: a little fun exercise, perhaps some new insights, and a few new friends! 


No dance experience necessary – if you can walk, move your arms, and/or breathe, you can do embodied prayer. There are no required “steps,” you don’t need a partner, and you can keep to yourself if you want.  We’ll each set our own pace/boundaries. Please arrive at 7pm having eaten only a light supper (easier to stretch and dance if not too full), and wearing comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in.  Bring a water bottle and a favorite savory snack, fruit or sweet treat to share. Optional: yoga mat and/or meditation pillow.  Open to the whole community -- bring a friend (whether Jewish or not)! 

Questions?  Contact Gail Slocum at glsg@pge.com or Marna Schwartz at sparkvitality@gmail.com

Saturday, February 3, 2018 – 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Saturday, February 3, 2018 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm